Grade Exams


Why learn Grades?

Here at Multiply Music, we follow the following exam boards:
– Drums (Rockschool)
– Piano (ABRSM)

Exams are an important aspect of learning, and we try and bring all students to a Grade 5 or higher standard to open up exciting opportunities for our students including scholarship programmes for schooling establishments and/or future job opportunities.  

These classes run on a 1-2-1 basis and focus on progressing through the grades, and give various homework exercises to ensure progression is made as fast as possible.  

Grades Made Easy With Multiply Music
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Drum Exams
Piano Exams

What to Expect

Our classes run either via a 30 minute or 1-hour class duration. All classes are taught via 1-2-1 class style, and are taught through a mixture of swapping between musical and mathematical learning made fun through various gameplay for kids to enjoy. 

Common private tuition classes for families are enjoyed afterschool. Here is when our centres are busy and students can enjoy making friendships. Please review the following common class times: 

Monday – Friday: 3:30-8pm 
Saturday’s: 9am – 5pm 

Common Process

To help create a custom learning experience for all and to ensure that families & children get the best learning experience we tailor our classes to suit our students.

To do this we do the following:

1) Scheduling in a free taster class with the new student and their family or school representative (Here we offer a free 30 minute class to show how our classes operate, and allocate 30 minutes to answer any and all questions that you may have and create a lesson plan suited to fit the families needs).
2) If parents agree on classes, they choose their desired duration and day / time for classes. 
3) Parent’s complete a convenient online direct debit form and are given access to our online portal system. Here parent’s can review all safeguarding, teaching material, progression graphs and relevant terms & conditions. 

Useful Documents

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