Online Booking's

Step 1

Please complete the form shown below to inform us of your absence. We will then inform your teachers for you. Once completed, you don’t need to contact anyone further from Multiply Music as this enquiry will be sent direct to senior management. You will not be contacted following your absence notification.

Please note that if you don’t inform us of your absence using the form below, or contact by messaging senior leadership with a minimum of a 2-hour notice your class will not be able to be rescheduled. 

Step 2

Following customer feedback, we’ve added a streamlined rescheduling service where our families can reschedule any missed classes with ease with their preferred teachers. If you can’t find a suitable time slot with your regular teacher due to demand, please search for an alternative teacher or call: 0330 133 4820.

Terms of use: 

1) This service is not intended to cancel your normal existing class in the diary, please also complete Step 1 to inform us of your absence or call 0330 133 4820.
2) Booking’s are available to reschedule for those sessions that have been notified to us with a minimum notice of 2-hours in advance of your class following our terms and conditions. Otherwise, these session will not be able to be rescheduled.
3) Accepted reschedules / booking’s made will only be accepted if you’re owed outstanding classes.
4) All booking’s made will be added to our diaries and email confirmations will be sent to you directly. If you don’t hear from us, then your booking has been confirmed. Cancellations or rejections to your bookings, you will be notified.
5) If you have 2 children and need to book in classes for both, please make 2 bookings (1 for each child).

Simply pick your teacher below and see their availability and book in your missed sessions.

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