About Us

About Us

Welcome to Multiply Music

Multiply Music has become a well-known and trusted educational facility in Buckinghamshire, delivering a carefully planned learning experience to improve childrens’ maths through music.

Students are encouraged to have fun and play interactive games using either the drums or piano with their teacher while follow a lesson plan at the same time.


What do we do?


Founded in 2018, Multiply Music has become a well-known and trusted 1-2-1 educational service in Buckinghamshire. Our lessons teach the entire national primary maths school curriculum as well as all graded drums & piano exams to Grade 8. 

If your chid’s ambition is to be a rock star or even a Astro physicist, these classes are for you! We ensure a positive view to education and confidence, whilst gaining a musical academic qualification.

Our Mission


Multiply Music was born with a vision to create an engaging learning experience which subconsciously teaches children their mathematics via musical, physical and mental games & experiences. Following lots of research, trial and error, and scientific studies, Multiply Music is now a polished service that guarantees to increase information retention across the entire UK National Maths curriculum. 

Our Vision


By 2030, we would like to achieve three key things as part of our vision:

1: Become a PPP (People, Profit, Planet) business

2: Have a presence as approved SEND educators in Buckinghamshire (achieved), Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and London.

3: Open 11 Multiply Music Venues

4. Continuously evolve and improve our offering to make Multiply Music available to everyone.

Like Hogwarts, but a different kind of magic

Student Houses

As a new feature to Multiply Music in 2022, we created student houses to introduce some friendly competition and an extra layer of fun to our lessons. We have four houses, each named after one of the themed learning pods at our headquarters in Princes Risborough. 

Houses win by having the highest amount of tokens at the end of each month rewarded due to great progression. The winning house is awarded with the ‘House Cup’ for the following month, and individual students can win prizes based on their own achievements too.

Leadership Team

Huw Williams
Managing Director
Harry O'Neill
Non-Executive Board Member
Hayley Turton
Office Manager
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Take Education
To The Next

Come along and be apart of our showcase events for all Multiply Music students. Here students perform in solo and group activities, and get a chance to socialise with other students and show off their skills! 

This event is hugely popular and helps build confidence in students, as they can enjoy playing in-front of an audience in a fun and safe environment.