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Enjoy learning the entire KS1 & KS2 primary maths school curriculum at the click of a button! 

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A Quick Overview

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What Is Space Explorers?

A Quick Overview

Space Explorer is a carefully designed application released in April 2024 that is linked to our Multiply Music classes. All worlds are named after our learning pods and students compete, challenge bosses and play to earn coins that can be used to create custom avatars. Here students will learn the entire primary maths school curriculum in a fun and engaging way. We’ve just made an app which means our classes are available for all! 

Full Access for Multiply Music Customers

If you would like to receive full access to this application and you are already a Multiply Music customer, then please complete the form below including as much detail as possible in the “Notes” section such as how many children require access and their name(s) – we will then get in touch to let you know when your account has been created for you. Then you are free to get learning!