Progression Roadmap

Months 1-2

Here at Multiply Music we want to make you feel welcome and hit the ground running. In your first stages of classes you will be added to our comprehensive reporting system, and your teacher will be working their way through the National Primary Maths School Curriculum and your preferred instrument of choice.

In the first 2 months you should expect to have learnt a basic understanding of the Grade 1 music theory of your chosen instrument. Additionally to this, your teacher will be reviewing previous maths year group topics to form a solid understanding of the key areas required before progression to harder learning topics. 

Months 3-4
Progression Report
New Progress Reports

After enjoying 3-months worth of classes with us, you will be eligible for your 1st progression graph. This report will show all topics taught in the Primary Maths School curriculum as well as the graded results for your chosen instrument.

You should expect that after 3-months of classes we would have taught a large array of maths topics for previous year groups, as well as formed a full understanding of the Grade 1 theory for your chosen instrument. 

Months 5-6
Exam Preparation

By this point you will have gained a firm understanding of the Grade 1 theory / practical playing of your chosen instrument. Therefore, you will be locking down the final technical exercises / speed in order to take your exam. Here is when parents should seriously consider (if they haven't already) buying a musical instrument to practice at home to help speed this progression.

Exam Age = Year 2/3. Onwards. (Rule = Older the student, the quicker the process)

Months 7-8
Progression 2
Next Reports

Here you will receive your secondary reports which have built on the previous, and see the positive leap forward on both their maths and musical understanding. 

By this point, we should have covered their previous years learning, and the majority / if not all of their entire year group in Maths. (I.e., all major topics taught in the Primary Maths School Curriculum for their age group). 

Months 9-11
Final Prep
Final Touches

Here you will now have been practicing at home comprehensively and regularly (at least 4 times per week for 20 minutes duration per practice on-top of your weekly classes) and be on the home stretch for taking your grade exam!

Months 12-14
Taking Your Exam
Exam Preparation / Testing

To help best prepare your child for their exam, we will conduct the following once your teacher has told senior management that they're ready for their exam:

1) A senior teacher will perform an exact like for like examination to help best prepare your child for what's to come. 
2) If passed. This process will then repeat (3x in a row of passing their mock test).
3) If passed after the 3rd attempt, then you will book your exam.

Please refer to the portal provided for our customers to reference all information needed for this.