Website & Customer Portal
Our NEW Website & Customer Portal

From March 1st our newly designed and rebranded website will go live! As part of the launch, our existing customers will be given access to our brand new Multiply Music Portal where they can view important documents including progress reports and T&Cs, and also manage their lesson schedule with us.

Later in 2023, the Portal will also feature homework and our new "MM Online" learning modules for any students wanting to continue their work at home.

New Progress Reports
New Progress Reports

New, more detailed and comprehensive progress reports will begin being released to parents via the Multiply Music Portal on a quarterly basis. We teach over 720 Maths topics at Multiply Music, and every single one of them is represented in our new reports!

We are growing!
2nd Multiply Music Site Opens

We are growing!

From April 2023 our exciting new site near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire will be open for business!

MM is 5 years old!
Happy Birthday to us!

This year Multiply Music will be reaching an important milestone - 5 years old!

Throughout the month of July we will be running a special Multiply Music Birthday Event for all of our students (and parents!) to take part in! More information will be shared in June.

Showcase your talent!
MM Showcase Event

Just in case all of the other exciting milestones in 2023 weren't enough, here's another one for you!

Our first ever Multiply Music annual showcase event will take place this year! Our students will have the chance to show off their skills and receive awards in front of a proud audience of parents.

We have a winner!
Winning House Named

Another first for 2023!

For the first time ever, our overall winning MM House will be named! Keep up with the race for 1st on our social media accounts and the About Us page on this website.